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Wiebke Hoogklimmer - Contralto, Producer and Director

During many years I am working as assistent producer, assistant director, script supervisor etc.... in various film productions. Most of these films had their world premières at the Berlin International Film Festival - BERLINALE.

18.15 Uhr ab Ostkreuz - Ades Zabel, Bob Schneider, Andréja SchneiderAfter some short films and students films I have worked in summer 2005 as a production assistant for the film production of "18.15 Uhr ab Ostkreuz" - a Miss Marple Parody by director Jörn Hartmann with Ades Zabel as the main character. The film had its world première at the 56. International Film Festival Berlin (BERLINALE).
[Photo: Ades Zabel, Bob Schneider und Andréja Schneider].

In April/May 2007 I had worked for the film by Bruce LaBruce "OTTO; or, Up with Dead People", which had the world première at the Berlin International Film Festival - BERLINALE 2008.
Here the G-rated Trailer:

Bandaged - Susanne SachsseIn August/September 2008 I have worked as assistant director and continuity for the newest feature film "Bandaged" by Maria Beatty. In April 2009 the world première has happened in London.

Mommy is Coming2010 I have worked for the film "Mommy Is Coming" by Cheryl Dunye, which had the world première at the Berlin International Film Festival - BERLINALE 2012.

FLUIDě2017 the Film "FLUIDě" by Shu Lea Cheang had the world première at the Berlin International Film Festival - BERLINALE. We had the shooting in 2016.

Logo 12. Pornfilmfestival BerlinBecause of my huge interest in all unusual, experimental and provocative ideas and because of my fun with organizing events and of course because of my joy about sex, erotic and art I was one of the curators of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin from 2006 till 2008.

Since October 2006 this adventure is happening in well-known cinemas and locations in Berlin with workshops, lectures, exhibitions, panel discussions, symposium, retrospectives, documentary films, feature films, Japanese films, competition straight, gay, lesbian, trans short film, parties and much more! Because of the huge success the 15. Pornfilmfestival Berlin will happen from 20th - 25th October 2020.

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  Spring night
  "Clairières dans le ciel"
  "Der Krieg ist gestorben" ("The War has died")
  Lost in the world
  jewish contemporary composers for contralto and percussion, percussion solo and contralto solo
  Love, death, resurection...
  Beautiful Rohtraut
  So near, so far...
  Late summer night's dream
  Weep you no more
  Gypsy songs


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